Daniel S. Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Physics and Engineering – Brooklyn, NY

University of Maryland 3m Geodynamo
Amphibious robot in Jamaica Bay
Sunset over New York, Brooklyn Navy Yard
Self Portrait with QGroundControl

What I Do

I'm a research scientist and multidisciplinary engineer with experience in nonlinear dynamics, electronics, sensors, mechatronics, and the continuum mechanics of solids and fluids. I'm currently working in robotics R&D developing new technology for near-shore and beach operations.

Where I've Been

I grew up on Lego, Forrest Mims III electronics books, and sci-fi. In high school, I discovered physics and amateur radio. Despite my budding RF electronics and antenna design career, physics won out over electrical engineering for my undergrad studies, and the mathematics of chaos theory steered me toward graduate research in nonlinear dynamics.

During my Ph.D., I designed, built, and instrumented a twenty ton geophysical fluid dynamics experiment, measured what it did, wrote a few hundred pages about it, graduated, and then then dried it out and filled it with thirteen tons of flammable liquid metal. After a few more publications and some cool visualizations, I moved on to startup life in Brooklyn working to design, build, and test hydrokinetic generator prototypes.

Excellent performance of propulsion prototypes spun out of that work led to a R&D contract totaling nearly $1.5m in funding from the Office of Naval Research. As principal investigator, most of my time has been dedicated the ongoing development of Pliant Energy Systems' Velox amphibous robot.

Site Notes

I've taken my new site design live as of Feb 2019, but I'm still working on migrating some content. For now, my old site will remain available at https://old.danzimmerman.com/.